Linda Parelli & Happy Horse Happy Life

Linda Parelli is co-founder of Happy Horse Happy Life, Parelli Natural Horsemanship and Pegasus Personal Growth, a dynamic public speaker, and the author of numerous articles, books, courses, DVDs, self-development and equestrian programs including her new Happy Horse training program, How to Talk Horse.

She is considered the leading female expert on horse psychology based training and mindful riding, empowering her students to be better leaders, riders and communicators with her unique approach to teaching.

Linda’s Story

Since 1985, Linda has been honing her talent and skills with people and horses.  She is a masterful teacher, an engaging and charismatic presenter, and is seriously good with horses.  Linda’s worldwide fame is built on her ability to inspire and empower others and she is in demand for her extraordinary masterclasses (with riders) and personal development programs.

For over 32 years, Linda has presented to audiences in the thousands as well as intense private sessions with and without involving horses. Her resume includes television appearances, the world’s best horse-training program for both you and your horse (Happy Horse Curriculum), countless educational videos on behavior-based horse training (Parelli Natural Horsemanship), high level trainers and competitors, an empowering personal growth program (Pegasus Personal Growth), not to mention her abilities in teaching communication and presentation skills.

Linda’s Traits

According to her many students, in both the horse world and outside, these are Linda’s best traits.



Inspires Confidence

Inspires Sense of Self-Worth


Born in Singapore in 1958 to a Scottish father and Swiss mother, Linda’s eclectic upbringing has influenced her as a communicator and health and food aficionado.  At the age of 12 Linda’s family moved to Sydney and she got her first horse at 13, which she rode everywhere – on the beach, in national parks, in Pony Club events, and to school every day.  She was completely horse crazy, and in her early adulthood, education-based business and marketing became an added passion.

After two years of university study on teaching, sociology and psychology, Linda studied skin therapy and became the education director for the prestigious company, Ella Bache (Hallas Trading), a position she developed and held for 12 years.  She was passionate about helping heal upsetting and embarrassing skin problems, like acne, which she had suffered with herself before finding Bache.

During this time, Linda was introduced to intense personal development programs with masters such as Glynn Braddy (philosophy & health), Robert Kiyosaki (personal growth, powerful presentations), Dr. Stephanie Burns (an extraordinary learning expert), Joe Byrnes (promoter, marketing marvel, motivational speaker) and countless seminar presenters including A-listers such as Zig Ziglar, Bryan Tracy, Dr. Dennis Waitley, and many more.

Her return to horses in her 30’s led her to a pivotal change in her life.  Regalo, a half-crazed thoroughbred, caused her to seek the advice of a young Pat Parelli, an exceptional horseman who, with Linda at his side, was destined to become the best in the world. Linda became a dedicated student of Pat Parelli’s unique approach and helped to create a worldwide brand and phenomenon of his program which they called Parelli Natural Horsemanship.

The first 12 years were grueling, traveling incessantly and breaking new ground in an industry deeply entrenched in tradition, folklore and staunch opinion.  The Parelli program challenged equestrian norms and, like all revolutionary advances, polarized opinions from harsh critics to raving fans and impressive success stories.  The poise and intelligence with which Linda navigated it all is testimony to her attitude to life, and the very thing her students follow her for.

As the Parelli’s paved the way and founded and new segment of the horse industry (Natural Horsemanship), Linda produced her own models and made important contributions on horse psychology (Horsenality, and The Horsenality-Humanality Match Report in collaboration with psychologist Dr. Patrick Handley) and The Bridge from natural horsemanship to the equestrian sport of dressage.

After three decades, suddenly everything changed, and Linda found herself out on her own. For the first time she was free to develop her own ideas, building on what she had learned through the years. Linda co-founded Happy Horse Happy Life, a community of horse enthusiasts wanting to master the art of true connection with their horses, and began to create a brand-new horse training curriculum beyond anything else she had seen, experienced, or helped create in the past.

For several years, despite the amount of information out there, Linda noticed that many people were not getting the results they should. Most programs are very technical in their approach and many people get stuck because it does not serve their real needs. And no matter how passionate or dedicated, they could not get to a higher level unless they were really determined or extremely talented.

She knew there had to be a better way. Every day Linda poured over the concepts and developed the details, moving things around, changing the sequence and the names. She tested what she was developing – on herself, her horses, and her students. The new program had to be better, faster, easier, more empowering, not just a variation of what she had been doing for the past 30 years. Through this, the Happy Horse Curriculum was born and has been producing better relationships and dramatic increases in riding skills for hundreds of students in its early days.

Teacher, Mentor and Personal Development Leader

Linda is sought after as a teacher, mentor and personal development leader.

Her influence reaches far beyond the classroom as admirers and the curious want to know more about her approaches to health, cooking and skin care!

Her commitment to never ending self-improvement and passion for sharing is why Linda Parelli continues to write, teach and travel to empower others.

Come join us at Happy Horse Happy life to learn from Linda and become part of a community of horse lovers from around the world!