Five full days of intensive behavioral psychology and personal development

April 17 – 21, 2023

12450 NW 110th Ave. Reddick, FL 32686 

5 days of insightful rider education, personal growth, unique social experiences and fun with Linda Parelli and her guest list of world-class experts.

Dear Horse Lover:

Join my friends and I for a week-long course in beautiful Marion County, Florida, the Horse Capital of the World. I promise it will be unlike any you have ever experienced. Private, intimate, educational and lots of fun.

What Previous Masterclass Attendees Have Had to Say

Sunday, April 16

Check In

Check in from 12 – 5pm. 

Go and relax for the evening and prepare your self for a fun filled educational 5 day Masterclass with Linda.



8:30 am – Registration, coffee, bagels and welcome.

9:00am – How to Talk Horse – The Fundamentals of a Happy Horse with Linda Parelli.

The Horse-Human Relationship Code With Linda Parelli 

You are part of this because you want your horse to be happy.  But you probably also run into ethical dilemmas and ask yourself deep questions like… can my horse really be happy in training, when ridden, having to live in a stall, travel in a horse trailer?  This is going to be an important discussion and revealing practical session that will set your mind free!


  • What are your expectations of your horse?
  • What are your horse’s expectations of you?
  • Does love get in the way or empower the relationship with your horse?
  • Explore specific challenges, discover the solutions both on the ground and in the saddle


Afternoon – Emotional Fitness

Contrary to misinformed opinion, emotional fitness does not mean you are a stone-cold human! This is not about suppressing your emotions, its learning how to understand them and have them enrich and inform your experiences.


    • Strategies for staying calm and focused in difficult situations
    • Keys to being able to perform under pressure
    • How to think when you’re feeling emotional
    • Understand the meaning of your emotions

    Evening – Free


      Intelligent Riding – Physically, Psychologically with Linda Parelli

      This is way more than riding. When you truly connect with your horse’s mind your results will be transformative. You will ride better, with more feel, and your horse will move better. Sounds like a happier couple to me!


        • Ride your horse’s mind, not just the body
        • Improving your perceptiveness from the saddle
        • Use psychology instead of physically micromanaging your horse
        • Keys to improve your horse’s biomechanics
        • Multi-faceted riding exercises that naturally develop your balance, seat, posture, position and grace as a rider
        • How to make progress every day

        Afternoon – Intelligent Riding continued

        Evening – Free
        Recommended dining at Horse & Hounds on Hwy 27 or any of the great dining options on Hwy 200 or in Ocala – so many choices!



        Developing Your “Feel” with Linda Parelli

        Most horses have trouble with contact. It feels like a trap and they don’t really know what they’re supposed to do. That’s where the tension begins and the confusion mounts. It’s all very well to turn the reins loose and think everything is okay, but the real problem is not being solved.


        • Handling the reins is an art that horses hope we master
        • Teach horses how to find the contact
        • Learn how to promote relaxation through the reins instead of cause tension
        • “You have good hands” is the best compliment a rider can get, especially from their horse


        Special Guest Janice Dulak, Ride in Your Body

        I met Janice some 10 years ago and what grabbed me instantly was her kind directness and sense of humor. Oh, and her prodigious expertise. Not only does she know the body, she can tell you what it needs to do in order to achieve the riding results you crave.

        Riding is like ballroom dancing – the leadership, unity, the game of harmony. But how do you communicate that to your horse? That’s what this session will help you both understand and feel. Oh… and did I mention that Janice is a professional dancer too? Hmm, how interesting!

        Evening – Private dinner event at my friend’s ranch, where Linda with be our chef and hostess for the evening! Our guest speaker is The Shark Whisperer.


        Road trip to Greener Side Ranch

        Have your trailers hooked up as we are going on an adventure to the Obstacle course at GreenerSide Haven We will be there all day do make sure you bring hay for your horses for them to nibble while you enjoy a picnic lunch. 

        6775 W Antelope Lane Beverly Hills, FL 34461


        Evening – Free

        Feel free to explore the surrounding area and grab dinner at one of the great reataurants on Hwy 200 or in Ocala – packed full of choices!



        The Art of the Goal with Linda Parelli

        Many horses go through the motions, trying to be obedient, but they don’t really know the goal. In this session we will continue to expand your ability to teach your horse to understand the goal of your exercise or activity.


        • Visible Goals
        • Invisible Goals
        • Multiple Goals!


        Goal Setting for Happy Horse Partnerships with Linda

        Goal-setting does not need to be scary, and it is critical to a happy future. Knowing where you are heading, why, and how to get there helps you stay motivated and be the leader your horse needs.

        Evening – Final night party with live entertainment poolside at my friends ranch.

        Saturday, April 22 – Check out by 11am

        Recommended Accommodations

        Comfort Inn Suites North Ocala
        3825 NW Blitchton Rd

        Forever Spring
        15000 West Highway 318
        Williston Florida 32696
        Claudia – 941-661-8947


        What’s Included:

        5 days of intensive horse psychology and riding instruction
        FREE accommodation for your horse at the venue
        Guest presenters
        Cocktail party
        Private dinner party – wine and dine
        Poolside party with wine and heavy hors d’oeuvres
        Take home gifts

        Limited to just 12 students. VIP events may change based on weather conditions and availability, but incredible learning and fun is guaranteed!


        Non HHHL Members


        HHHL Members


        HHHL Achiever Members


        HHHL Mastermind Members


        HHHL Instructors


        *Mastermind Members pay a fully refundable $100 deposit to hold your spot. HHHL Instructors can save $2,500 and attend for $500 to offset our expenses.

        Frequently Asked Questions

        Can I rent a horse for the event?

        Yes, horses are available to rent but on a limited first come, first served basis. 

        What airport should I fly into?

        You can fly into either Tampa or Orlando. Tampa is 86 miles and Orlando is 96 miles from the event location.

        Will there be somewhere to keep my horse?

        Yes, accommodation is provided at the event location.

        Can I have more information about the venue?

        The event will be held at 12450 NW 110th Ave. Reddick, FL 32686 

        Does my horse need a Coggins test?

        Yes, all horses will need to have up to date Coggins papers.

        Changing your Masterclass dates

        Attendees can change to another clinic or request a refund up to 60 days before their clinic date. After 60 days in their only option is to switch clinics. There is a $250 change fee for each change less than 60 days prior to start date of the clinic. Attendees must email [email protected] to request a cancellation or date change.