Join us in beautiful Ocala, Florida for our 2023 Members Conference
Education • Inspiration • Entertainment • Passion

In 2023 we begin our annual conference with…
what makes horses HAPPY!

Join us in Florida’s spectacular Ocala horse country February 4 & 5, 2023 for an intimate and inspirational gathering. Let’s focus on living the dream, with the horses we love, and the kind of people we want to be around!

A Riveting Two-Day Program

Brimming with information, discussions, experts, and fun including…

What Makes Horses Happy

It’s simple! Horses want peace, love and harmony:

  • Peace is the release of pressure, the feeling of harmony.
  • Love means you train from the heart, you are compassionate.
  • Harmony makes training fun!

Lead Clearly, Manage Your Energy, Connect Deeply… On the Ground

No matter how good your techniques are, its your quality of leadership that makes all the difference.

And… In the Saddle

Why is it you can have great results on the ground, but once you get in the saddle it all falls apart? Usually it is because your horse has stronger ideas and plans than you do. Learn how to change this!

The Secret of Harmony

So often I hear “I want to be in harmony with my horse” when in fact your horse has to be in harmony with you!

How can you lead the dance? How can you use psychology and get to the horse’s mind. This is the secret of harmony, where your horse puts in as much effort as you do.

Speed Control & Suppleness

Riding is not fun when the horse cannot control its speed and is stiff and bracy in its body. It’s not fun for the horse either!

Have more fun!

Find yourself doing the same old thing with your horse? Here are some fun ideas to wrap up our two days together.


Jazz, Highland, Mele, Yuri and local horses of interest!

With Linda Parelli

PLUS Special Guests, Spotlights, Prizes and Surprises!

10.5 Reasons You Must Attend
the Most Exciting Horse Event of the Year!

1.Experience the amazing Happy Horse Curriculum first-hand and watch problems solved rapidly

2.See wonderful demonstrations from top Happy Horse students and Instructors

3. Learn new techniques and strategies to quickly improve your relationship with your horse – Priceless!

4. Hang out with Linda, her horses Jazz, and Highland, and top HHHL instructors!
5. Make new friends in the Happy Horse Community
6. Find out what horses really want!
7. Live Q & A and discussions with Linda
8. Front row seats as Linda coaches her students to be better riders
9. Enjoy some retail therapy at our HHHL pop up boutique store
10. Take a side trip to see the new World Equestrian Center, visit the manatees or explore the Rainbow River
10.5 Have a GREAT time – have fun, learn lots, go home newly inspired and achieve more!

Limited Seats, Enroll Now! Ticket prices go up on January 15th, don’t miss out! 

Happy Horse Happy Life Insider Members – $219

Non-Happy Horse Happy Life Members – $319

HHHL Achiever & Mastermind – Free!

HHHL Instructors – Free!

Lunch both days is included in the ticket price.

*Achiever, Mastermind and Instructors please register through the free option on the store so we have a proper headcount.

Location, Lodging & Travel


2232 NE Jacksonville Rd, Ocala, FL 34470

Recommended Lodging

Homestead Tiny House – Williston

Out of Towners RV Park – (352) 286-6671

Hotels – Ocala

Recommended Airports

We recommend flying into Tampa, Orlando or Gainesville (regional)

See you there!

HHHL Annual Conference • February 4 – 5, 2023 • Ocala, Florida