Life Moves Fast!

Wow life moves fast.

Every time I think I have a few hours up my sleeve, that time gets swallowed up with something important that I didn’t think of!

I just finished three weeks of teaching here at the Parelli Florida Center – a 2-week MasterClass, followed by a 9 day Advanced MasterClass. Teaching is my first love, so I find myself fully engaged and emerged. In fact its hard to do anything else creative during that time so I pretty much keep up with emails and urgent needs and that’s about it.

The hardest thing for a motivated, ambitious person is TIME MANAGEMENT. It is my constant struggle because I have a terminal condition called “Yes!” I always think I can fit it in, and there are so many things that come up that I want to do, or want to help on. And I always have big projects going on. Currently I’m writing the next Pegasus modules, filming and editing a big 7-Games documentary-style project for competitors and professionals, writing my next book, staying on track with my daily training of my horses and mastery students, oh… and cooking for Pat and Caton, and taking care of my mascots – Moxie and Lulu.

Planning and discipline need to go hand in hand, and that’s not always easy for me. I have plans, but then new opportunities come up and its hard not to go there! So, when I get excited and say yes to something new, something else has to go off the list. Sometimes you have to compromise, but I never compromise on things that are important and that I need to give my best to. Right now housekeeping and relaxing had to go off the list!

How do you manage your time? How do you decide what to say yes to?